What is emundoo

emundoo is a Content Distribution System targeted at Video on Demand services. It uses advanced Peer-2-Peer networking technology to distribute the load on the network to all participating machines. The system is still in development. Currently it provides the basic functionality required to deliver video content to users. emundoo is video format agnostic, so that nearly all video formats developed until today can be transported by the system. It is built around open standards to ensure interoperability with third party software.

How does it work

In its current implementation emundoo in essence provides you with a local streaming server that will fetch the data you request on demand from the emundoo network. The emundoo network is comprised of personal computers around the globe running the emundoo client software. Each time a video is requested by a user, the video data is transferred as needed to the user's local machine, where a portion of the data is stored for later redistribution to other participating machines.

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